Tuesday, July 31, 2007

3 Days

In three days I'm going to be 6 months old!
Mommy and Daddy joke around and say that's the last day they can bring me back to the Schmitz, my breeders. Hahahaha....at least, I hope they're joking!

Mommy's new job is long...Daddy comes home in the middle of the day to let me out and we run around in the yard. I miss being able to spend so much time with Mommy and Daddy though...Mommy says after this summer once she gets a teaching job she won't have to work during the summers so I'll have almost 3 whole months with her all to myself! Yay!

Well, that's all for now!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I knew she was evil!

I knew Ginny was evil!
here's proof!!Look at those evil green eyes and evil stare...she's so menacing!

But, on a happier note, here's a picture of Mommy and me a few days ago!
We were matching so mommy took a picture! look how cute we are. Cept...I put my nose on the camera before she took the picture so there's a blurry nose print in the middle. But still, we're cute!


Here I am again. Mommy got the computer ready for me while I was taking a nappy. I think Ginny used it first though cus there's black hairs on the keyboard and screen and I don't have black hairs and Mommy doesn't have black hairs......

Mommy doesn't feel well today so she's home. I like it when she's home but I don't like it when she's sick. She was going to go into work but they told her NO! They didn't want the other older peoples to get sicky like her. (She works for older peoples and helps them with their foods and drinks and snacks. She's a dia-tare aide). So I get to spend some time OUT of my crate which makes me feel good. I get to stretch my legs and rest on the couch. Mommy and daddy said they'd get me a new bigger crate once they get more moneys, hopefully in the next coupla weeks I'll have a bigger space!

Ginny doesn't like me. She growls and hisses and she's taken over the house. I don't mind 'cept when I want to be on the bed with Mommy, specially when she's sick. Then Ginny gets all poofy (it's kinda funny) and she hisses and spits at me. Mommy says "GINERVA MOLLY!!" in a mad voice like she does with me sometimes ('cept she says "SIDKA BRISTOL DIMMICK!!") but Ginny doesn't stop. I think we're going to have to find a happy medium here or Ginny is gonna be one sad kitty back at the shelter place Mommy talks about.

Mommy cried last night when she was talking to Daddy. They were getting ready for bed and I was in my crate and Mommy was saying how she loved Ginny, but it wasn't good that we didn't get along. And she said she doesn't want to, but she thinks if we don't get along soon that she might have to take Ginny back and find a different kitty to get along with me... I don't want Mommy to be sad and I know she loves Ginny so I tried to be friends with her again today and she hissed and spit at me again. I stopped trying to steal her food and her toys and I don't even try to chase her anymore. I just kinda mind my own business, but I wish Ginny would know how Mommy is sad and start to behave like a good kitty!!

This makes me miss my Pooka even more. I think Mommy and Daddy miss Pooka too--I wish she could come live with us but she can't because she goes outside and that's not allowed in our partment.

So, does anyone have any ideas on how to get me and Ginny to get along? I know Zach says she's just a kitty, don't worry--but I needa make Mommy happy!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I don't know about this....

I don't know about this whole kitty thing. She growls every time I go near her. Mommy keeps saying she won't tolerate Ginny being mean to me, but Ginny keeps being mean!

I mean, all I wanna do is chase her around and bit and play with her and steal her toys and her food. I don't know if I want to be friends with her anyway, she seems kinda snotty. She sits on the bed like she's a queen. Hmpf. She shoulda seen it when I used to be able to sleep in my crate on the bed! Aha!! She may be queen, but I'm king!!

Yesterday mommy left in the morning and said she'd be working a double. I didn't know what that meant! But I guess it means she had to be away for a very long time! She didn't get home until after Sunset. She told me she saw the sun rise on her way to work and the sun set on her way back home. Wow...it musta been a long day for Mommy.

Daddy will be back from racing tonight! He was in Nova Scotia allll weekend long. I miss him and I can tell Mommy does too. Daddy told Mommy that they got 9th in the race! Yay! We like top ten finishes!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rowdy, Rowdy, Rowdy!

I dunno about this whole cat business. She got to sleep on the bed last night with my mum (Daddy is in Halifax racing, but mommy had to work this weekend so she didn't go) and I had to stay in my darned old crate. Hmpf.

This morning I even tried to get mommy to stay home from work--I puked on my blanket--and what'd she do? She took me out of my crate, took me outside "for some fresh air", then she washed my blanket, put a new one in my crate gave me some water and stuck me back in there! The nerve!!

Know what Ginny got today? She got canned food!!!!!! I only get canned food when I get my kong--once a week!! What's up with that?!?!?!

Mommy just reminded me that I have carob chip cookies, and creme filled cookies and savory bones and raw hides and marrow bones...but still Ginny got canned food!!! Hmpf.

Life's not fair. Mommy got herself a treat today too--the new Harry Potter Book!! Like I said, life's not fair!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Ginny the Kitty

Mommy thought of a name for the kitty--Ginerva (yeah, like Harry Potter) but we'll call her Ginny for short. Mommy's a big Harry Potter crazy, she's excited the book is coming out tomorrow.

When she was trying to find names she said Ginny out loud and the kitty came right to her and meowed! So that was that, Ginny it is!

You can visit her brand new blog if you'd like! It's called The Nerve of Ginny (when you see the quotes, you'll get the title).

Mommy gave me a new raw hide roll so I'm gonna go chew on that!


Mommy went somewhere today and she was gone for a little while (I stayed in my crate...) and when she got back she had all kinds of smells on her...I was very wary.
She brought in this white and brown thing that she put in the doorway of the bathroom and she called it a gate and she told me: "No jumping Gate!" and I kinda rolled my eyes at her,
why would I wanna jump over that thing?

Then mommy said she had a surprise for me! And then I knew where all those smells were coming from, she musta gone to my favoritest store--PETCO! (Where the pets go!). She gave me a new treat--a peanut butter bear treat (Made in Maine!) so I thought I was all set for surprises. But then I spied another petco bag with those treats from the dessert bar that I like so much! Woo hoo!! Mommy went shopping (I forgave her for going without me...)

When I was settled back into my crate with my peanut butter bear, Mommy brought in another surprise. It was a little box with holes all over and there was something moving inside. Ah!

When Mommy opened the box out popped a kitty!! A real kitty for me!! Here's a picture of her! I'm in the crate and mommy says Kitty is showing me who's boss! (I don't think so...) It's not Ferris and Frye though, it's not even Ferris OR Frye! Mommy went and picked a new kitty without me!! Right now the kitty doesn't really have a name...the Humane Society called her "Miss Kitty" but Mommy doesn't know what she'll name her for good. So far she just calls her Kitty...so maybe the name will stick!
So now I know why Mommy got a gate, it's so I won't go eat the kitty treats in the box...

Here's a picture of Mommy and the Kitty, (Mommy thinks she looks chubby in this picture but she's letting me post it because she thinks it's the best picture of Kitty so far.)

I'm not sure if Miss Kitty likes me, she just looks at me from afar. I hope she doesn't expect me to share my toys with her!! Mommy got her some of her own toys! They're little and cute too! Mommy said No, I can't play with them...

Help Mommy and Me come up with a new name for Kitty!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lots of fur?

I see all these pictures of Eskies that have lots and lots and lots of fur...I'm wondering when I'm going to get more fur! Will I ever? How long did it take you, Casper D. Dog to get all your pretty fur? And what about you, Casper from Canada? And Zach (except when you're shaved...), or Hana or Blu & Comet?

How long did it take you all to grow that pretty fur?? I want pretty fur!!

Does it make a difference that I am a mini?
My biological Daddy has a lot of fur!
He looks like a white lion, I want to be just like him when I grow up!!
And my Daddy has a lot of fur on his face!
How'd he get it all?! Sometimes he shaves it off like Zach, or he trims it up.
I don't think I'll ever shave or trim my furs!!
By the way: look at these Eskie friends!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Mommy let me update my blog last night, she gave me all the time in the world--and I wasn't suspicious, but I shoulda been! Once I was done, she put me in the tub and started a bath! Ah! I hate baths!!!!
Luckily, mommy didn't take any pictures,
it's so
when she takes

pictures... here's one from a different bath a few
months ago...

Instead of a bath, I would have much rather preferred a nice car ride...

But alas, you take what you can get. And I must say, my fur is stunningly soft and pee---riitttyy again!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I misses....

Since we moved into this new place I kinda miss some people and some cats...(but shhh don't tell...)

I misses my sister cat Pooka...There she is, being all cute and innocent like! She's sooo pretty! And guess what? She only has a little tail, littlier than mine! Mommy and Daddy say she's a bobb-ed tail-ed kitty! That's pretty cool!

I misses my auntie too...
Here I am with my auntie, I used to see her lots, but I don't see her as much now...

I miss my grammie...I don't see her ever anymore! She used to baby sit me when my daddy and mommy worked...now I stay in my crate. pshhh.

I sometimes...just a little...miss grammies new doggie Milo. She got Milo a little while before we moved out. I wanted to play with him all days long...but he snipped at me a little....He wasn't used to being around small puppies like me, it scared me! But sometimes, I miss Milo...

Know what I really miss? I realllllyyyyy miss my NYlA bone! Mommy and Daddy misplaced it during the move and we can't find it anywhere!!! I miss my poor NYLA bone, it's probably really lonely wherever it is! Mommy says it's okay to miss somethings, some people, some cats and some dogs. Mommy even told me she misses her old doggie, Jasmine. Mommy had Jasmine since she was a little girl...and Jasmine died in January 2007. Mommy said she was really sad for a long time and even now she's still sad and she misses Jasmine. Here's a picture of my Mommy and Jasmine a few years ago. Jasmine seems like a nice doggie, doesn't she? I wish I could have met her!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sitka, Sidka!

I thought I should tell everyone about my name...I meant to yesterday and I got carried away with other things. But now that Mom is done using the computer and she let me have a few more minutes, I thought I would use my time wisely and let everyone know about my namesake.OK, here's the story... When my mommy and daddy first went to look at me and decided they would take me, they couldn't take me home for another TWO weeks! They had to wait because I hadn't had all my shots yet and I was still weaning.

(speaking of weaning...my first mommy and daddy, Jewel and Howl)
My birth Dad, Howl

My birth Mom, Jewel

So they went home and tried thinking of names for me. The first names they talked about were:
Bristol (As is Bristol Raceway)

Rowling (As in JK Rowling)
Casper (Yes, just like Casper D. Dog!)
Sitka or Sidka
The next step was narrowing down the names, Daddy's favorite name was Britsol and Mommy's favorite was Sidka (versus Sitka because she wanted to be able to call me Sid for short).

I guess Mommy and Daddy talked about it and talked about it and talked about it and decided
on Sidka. They decided Sidka because of it's relevance to Alaska. (Alaska is known for it's snow, snow is white and so are Eskies!) Plus, Mommy and Daddy LOVE Alaska, they love the snow, the snowmobiling, the ocean, the salmon, the mini Alaskan huskies -also known as Alaskan Klee Kais- (yes, I know I have competition...).

See, my mommy and daddy didn't want a reused name like Snowball or Sugar (yuck, talk about embarrassing!). So they thought they'd get an original name with Sidka! So far we haven't found any other Sidkas! We've heard of Sitkas and we've heard of Sids, but we haven't heard of another Sidka--does anyone know of any doggies named Sidka like me?!


Mommy forgot to tell me (silly Mommy) when I was updating that she dropped off my card to Casper today. She said the mail man thought it was a funny name--he thought it was a human! But then Mommy told him she was just dropping it off for me, it was for my friend Casper the Dog. I hope the mail man rushes, rushes, rushes it to Casper!


Ugh. I had such a B-O-R-I-N-G day!

I like weekends cuz Mommy and Daddy are home and sometimes we go visit Chloe and I have so much fun! Chloe is my bestest Dachshund friend. She lives near Bangor, Maine and I get to see her a lot on the weekends. Chloe's Daddy and Mommy are friends with my Daddy and Mommy, they all race cars together. (Here's the race car)

When they are racing, Chloe and I get to stay in the outside kennel--it's so much fun outside with Chloe! I wish we could go to the race track, but Mommy says it's too loud for doggies...
Here's A picture of Chloe (I can't find one of us together, Mommy says it's because we're always running too fast for her and Chloe's Mommy to take pictures!)

On the weekends the only time I have to go in my crate is at bedtime and when Mommy and Daddy eat (because they haven't gotten a kitchen table yet so they have to eat at the couch...and what can I say, I like people food!). Sometimes on weekends we take drives to different places. We have lots of fun together.

But then Monday comes again. Ugh... I have to stay in my crate when Mommy and Daddy are gone. I get a chew treat in there (today I finished that DE-LISCIOUS beef rawhide) but it's still pretty boring. I can tell right off the bat it's going to be a boring day because the alarm goes off, Mommy gets up and takes me out to do my business, she waters the flowers and then we go inside. I get to play for a bit while she eats her breakfast (and sometimes I eat my puppy chow, other times I save it) then I go back in the crate for a little while. Then another alarm goes off, Daddy gets up, takes me outside for some fresh air and I usually do another little business, then we go back inside and watch the weather and I go back in my crate with some food, some water and a treat or a toy. It doesn't seem so bad, but I like it better when Mommy and Daddy are home...

Well, tomorrow's another day...T-U-E-S-D-A-Y...hopefully it's not as boring as today...

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I wanted all of you to see me and my mommy and daddy, so here's some pictures!

This is me in front of the black bear at Orono. Mommy took me their one day and we went to Petco after!!

This was my first day home. I still have my yellow ribbon on from the Schmitz, the people who breed me special for my mommy and daddy.

This was at Orono too, there was lots of sunshine and I met lots of other doggies that day!

This picture is from April, Mommy took my to the park and I got to ride without my crate. I like helping mommy drive, especially when we are going to the park or Petco! Those are my favoritest place to drive to!

this picture is from today, I am on our new couch in our new home. I got a marrow bone for being a good boy and not making any mistakes! Mommy and Daddy think I am house trained now! I just have trouble with carpets and seeing new people that get me excited...

This is me and mommy, I am giving her kisses!

this is me and mommy again, I'm wearing a jacket she made me. I loved my jacket, but it doesn't fit me anymore!

This is me and Daddy, daddy is wearing the shirt I gave him for fathers day!

Daddy and me again, we were in Rockland
Daddy and me again.

Teethies, Kitties and Friends

I lost my first tooth today! Well, I think I've lost some in the past month or so, the vet told Mommy I had, but I didn't notice until I lost one today. Mommy was scared at first, she squelled and showed Daddy and they laughed. I didn't think it was that big a deal...

Mommy brought me to a pet store yesterday and I got to pick a new raw hide. It had a beef flavor and it's reallllyyyy good! I wanted a real big one, but she said it was too big for me. I think sometimes she underestimates my size.

While we were at the pet store mom kept showing me these two black cats.
They were pretty cute. She said something about bringing them home, I hope their only visiting--I don't know. I'm a little suspicious, I heard Mommy and Daddy talking about names, Ferris and Frye...and they went to see the kitties again today, but without me. Here's a picture of one of the kitties, Ferris. He only has one eye, but it just looks like he's winking!

This is my first blog, so I guess I should introduce myself and tell you about me a little. Sorry I went right into telling you all the exciting news, I couldn't help myself.

My name is Sidka, Mommy and Daddy call me Sid sometimes for short. I know I'm in trouble when they call me Sidka Dimmick! I am a pure breed Mini American Eskimo. My mommy's name is Jewel and my Daddies name is Howl. My adopted human parents are Mommy and Daddy, or Sam and Scott. I have a sister, she's a little kitty and her name is Pooka, but she is living with my grammie. I'm just over 3 months, but I'm a big boy! I like taking baths, going for walks, doing tricks to get treats and going to Petco. Petco is my very favorite store ever because they have a desert doggie bar with all kinds of treats and Mommy usually gets me 1 pound of treats! One whole pound!!

Mommy, Daddy and I just moved to a new place in a new town. We were living with Grandma, but Mommy and Daddy wanted to get their own apartment. So now we're in Gardiner. Sometimes it's lonely here. Mommy and Daddy work during the day and I stay in my crate. But I like it when they come home because I get to play outside and run around. The people downstairs have two kitties and I like watching them in the windows. I think they're a little scared of me.

I hope I find more Eskies online to be friends with. I know Mommy lets me see pictures of Casper on his blog, he's a handsome Eskie! He has a lot more hair then me...Mommy says he's sick, but that doesn't bother me. I'm going to send my first card to him tomorrow. I'm excited! Well, I don't know what else to say. Have a good Sunday everyone!