Thursday, July 31, 2008


Sorry I haven't updated in a while. But guess what everyone?! My momma and daddy are getting married in two days! Ah!!! We've been busy! Tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner, then Saturday is the wedding, then they'll be gone on something called a hon-e-moon. I have no idea why they think they can get to the moon......But, check out their blog if you'd like.

Now, for the sad news, our hamster, Checkers, he passed away last week. Poor guy.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Can you help?

Can you help mumma spread the word?
Pass this on to as many people as you can! In forums, in blogs, EVERYWHERE Every dog!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

RABBIT RABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the first day of May!


I tag:
Maggie and Tessie (the cute rat terriers!), Zach and Lorenza!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Know how I never got Easter Hams every doggy?! Welllll...tomorrow Mommy and Daddy are going to New Hampsters again and they're getting a new hammy! Yay! But...Mommy and Daddy are trying to think of names for a hammy...wait a minute...that doesn't look like Easter Hams...

Mommy....What are you getting us into?!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ALT Levels Revisited

I finally found some USA made raw hides, more bully sticks for a pretty decent price and another digestible bone that was a little less expensive, but the pet shop said it was good. I also got the black, super kong. I put his food with peanut butter in it and threw it in the freezer for a few hours. He seems to like it! We'll see how he does tomorrow with the new kind of raw hide!

UPDATE From Sidka's Mum:
It was virtually IMPOSSIBLE to find raw hides that were not overseas. So, we decided to finally try bully sticks. Man, Sid goes through those FAST, FAST, FAST and they're expensive...So we also got the edible Nyla Bones that are completely digestable. Both Sidka and Josie love them. We have to get Sid the souper size (!) and Josie the regular size (versus petite, she went through that too fast!). So, I tend to think they're not as...durable as I'd like. I like them, but also expensive, so they're limited. Raw hides lasted so much longer for Sid...but no USA rawhides to be found so far! Any suggestions?

We might try another, super, super, super tough (the black, I think) kong with frozen something or other inside it. Anyone else have powerful chewers that need to be crated for 4-6 hours a day? What do you leave with them?

We're hoping to eliminate any raw hide that does not come from the US and that way, his ALT levels may go down. If not, Sidka might get Marin.

If that helps enough by May 24th or so, Sidka will get his vaccines that are due by May 28th. If not, we'll see!!

Ugh. Girls

I'm not sure about this whole girl thing.
All of a sudden, there's all kindsa pinks. All kindsa purples.
And dare I say...flo.....flo....fl...fl...flowe....ers. Gulp......

I mean....BARFFFF!!

The reds and dark blues, not so bad, I can deal with that. Plus, you know what that pattern done below reminds mom and me of? The good ol' USA and you know what the A stands for in USA? AMERICA! And you know what I am???? I'm an AMERICAN ESKIE!!!!!!!!

The blacks and whites, I lovvveesss those! Especially in a checkered flag pattern!!

So what's with all this new fabrics anyway moms? Are you making stuffs?????

Friday, April 4, 2008


Glitter Graphics & Comments

Friday means date night for mommy and daddy--and when it's this time of year, that means ICE CREAMS!
Friday means the start of 2 1/2 whole days with mommy and daddy home!
Friday means we can lounge around and watch TV all day long!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

ALT Levels

Hello Every Dog,
My ALT levels, those pesky liver enzymes, are still pretty high. Dr. Bennington said my ALT levels should be around 120 at the highest. The first time they poked me and took blood my ALT was 254. They put me on that hot dog treat, I mean...penicillin, twice a day and then mom brought me back and they poked me again. This time, my ALT levels were 249. So they went down, but not as much as Dr. Bennington would have liked, especially in two weeks time.

Dr. Bennington says it could be the raw hides mom and dad have been giving Mom threw out ALL my raw hides and she said she's going to get me special ones tomorrow (ones that are from the USA only).

Does any dog know much about ALT levels? Do Eskie's tend to have liver problems?

UPDATE From Sidka's Mum:
It was virtually IMPOSSIBLE to find raw hides that were not overseas. So, we decided to finally try bully sticks. Man, Sid goes through those FAST, FAST, FAST and they're expensive...So we also got the New(ish?) Nyla Bones that are completely digestable. Both Sidka and Josie love them. We have to get Sid the colossal size (!) and Josie the regular size (versus petite, she went through that too fast!). I like them, but also expensive, so they're limited. Raw hides lasted so much longer for Sid! Any suggestions?


Hi every dog! I'm bacckk! Mommy brought me home just a few minutes ago from being newturd. Like someone here said, it was like a little nap...cept I had to stay there all nights! How come no one told me mommy leave me there for a whole nights?

The doctor said my liver enzymes are still really high. But mommy and daddy wanted me to get that chip and be newturd, so the doctors check other liver things and let me take that nap. Mommy has to keep me on the walking leash when we go outside, instead of the lead. She'll do that for 10 days. I want to jump and play, but mommy says no. So I'm writing this, then I'm going to take a nice pig ear into my crate and take another naps.

Only 2 more days until Josie is here!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

RABBIT RABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josie got me! She's not even moved in yet and she remembered to do Rabbit Rabbit before me!!
Does every dog remember what rabbit rabbit is?! In our house it is a tradition for the first day of every month--the first person, or doggy that says RABBIT RABBIT gets a kiss from everyone in the have to kiss Josie.

But now I tag Comet and Blu, Lorenza, Hana and Zak!!
Rabbit Rabbit!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

On a roll!

Mommy's on a roll!

Know that doggy pillow she made for Josie? Well, now she's made one for Jove too! I'm so really jealous...but mommy put the fleecies in my crate and sure enough I threw it in the waters...I just couldn't help myself!! So I don't get a pillow bed for my crate, but mommy did get me a surprise today!! She has had her eyes on a checkered fleecie pattern that looks just like a checkered flag. It was on sale this week so she gots some and she's going to make me a pillow bed for outside of the crate!! I'm so excited!! So far, mommy has made two of those comfy looking beds and she made both with fleece. She's gonna try one with soft flannels to see if it is as nice and comfy for doggies!

The picture with the velcro things mommy took to show Jove's mommy to see which velcros she wanted. Mommy likes the way the red looks. I told mommy I want black velcros for my pillow!! Josie's velcro is pink, talk about yuck!! There's a lot more pink in the house since Mommy and Daddy decided to 'dopt Josie...

Doesn't Jove's bed look nice and handsome, not to mention comfy?!

Oh and my mom wanted me to tell you if you want a pillow bed she can give you better instructions, or you can ask her to make one!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Maine Friend!

My friend Jove has his own blog now! Technicallllllyyyy....I haven't met Jove yet, but my mommy and daddy have.
He's is a rat terrier like Josie!
He lives with my mommy's best friend Erin. Erin is my mommy's bridesmaid, whatever that means.

But I wanted to show ever dog Joves Blog!
I hope he makes lots of new friends like I have!

Josie's Blog!

Hi Every dog!
Mommy and Dad are really excited about Josie coming home! She will be here in 1 more week!!
Mommy finished a pretty pink plaid dog bed for Josie. Mommy's testing one with me....I still throw stuff in my water bowl, so Mommy is testing some fleece in my crate with me before she makes a pillow for me. She says as soon as I throw the fleece in the water, she'll take it out and I'll only get the dog bed when I'm taking naps out of the crate. hmph. I better learn to NOT put things in my water bowl!

The picture to the left is of Josie's finished bed and the blue fleece is what Mommy is using for my bed.

But, what I'm really blogging about today is Josie's Blog!
She has only two entries so far, but it's pretty interesting! I think Mommy is really excited for a girl doggy in the house!

Yesterday it snowed again! I was so surprised when I went out in the morning! I love the snow! Mommy and Daddy weren't as happy as me though....I heard them say they're sick of the snow! GASP! Did you know in Caribou, Maine they broke a record for snow fall amounts?! You can read about it in Josie's blog!

"Mom, take another, I blinked."

Okay, much better!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Girl

There's going to be a new girl in town....
Her name is Josie, she's a rat terrier, so she's a little bit littler than me. BUT, she's older than me..

Josie is 4 years old and 12 pounds. She is traveling from Arkansas! I am jealous she gets to go for so long rides....but momma says Josie has been through lots of bad stuffs, and I should be glad I have a good home.
Momma and Dadda are rescuing Josie from Paws and Claws New England, from a lady in Arkansas named Judy. Judy takes doggies that need homes and cleans them up and takes care of them until someone, like mommy and daddy, decide to bring them to their furever home.
I am glad I am getting a doggie friend! Mommy says Josie is really, really, shy so I have to be careful with her. She looks pretty cute...too bads I will be newtured when she comes.........

(All of the pictures we have of Josie right now are from her foster moms Judy)

Newturd appointment and a GIRL?!

Momma says she's taking me back to Dr. Bennington next Wednesday and he'll do the newtur and micro-chip then. Someone here said it was like taking a nap, I can handle that!

Thanks for all the comments! The virus went through my bodies, but didn't hurt anything! My livers were just trying to protect me is what Dr. Bennington says. But every morning and every night night I got two little hot dog treats! Mommy says it was my medicine...I don't know, but I like hot dogs (the peeples foods, not like Chloe hot dogs. Well, I like Chloe dogs, but I don't like eating them!!)

Ginny has been super mean lately! She doesn't get along very well with our Pooka-cat. Mom says she is worried, but Daddy says not to worry. Mommy got some smell good spray and it's supposed to make the kitties not fight. It works kinda...but Ginny picks on Pookas all the time! Mommy sprays Ginny with the water bottle and it makes me laugh, but she doesn't learn, she still 'tacks Pooka!!

Mommy and Daddy went to Easter and they got to see our friends new house and the new baby! She's so cutes! I didn't get no hams though...

Now, Momma and Daddy aren't getting Jack-Jack, which is sad...
Mom says he wasn't the right fit after all. I guess that means he woulda been a little too big like my Halloween costume was last halloweens. But, instead of Jack Jack, mommy and daddy looked through a lot of doggies and took a long long time talking to peoples about doggies. Now, next Saturday, April 5, Mommy and Daddy are going to pick up my new sister. That's right a SISTER!! I told daddy that's not a good ideas! Daddy says we're already out numbered, so we have to give in! But, she looks nice, so I guess it will be okay....

I will write a separate post about my new sister, Mommy says she deserves her own posts.........

(The pictures of me are from Easter, I got too close to the camera...woops...Then there's the baby! Then there's the baby blanket mommy made for Lucy! I wanted to keeps it, but Mommy said NO!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

no newturd

I was supposed to be newturd today, but I got some blood works done and my liver enzymes were too high. The dr. bennington told mommy and daddy that meant my body was fighting off a little virus or something. I have to take some penncillin stuffs and then my mom and dad will bring me back to be newturd in another 2 weeks. what does this all mean anyways? I don't think it's fun stuff...

Because I need to be newturd before we can take Jack Jack home, we're not sure when we can get hims now. Mommy and Daddy don't know what's going on! We'll update later!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ohhhh, Life!

Hello All Doggies!
First, I want to thank you all for bearing with me and offering your best wishes!

Now, I will update you on my life!

I am now living with mommy, daddy, Ginny and Pooka in Grammie's house...well, now it's our house. I like it because I have more room to run and I get to spend more time outside! The park isn't as close as it was to our apartment in Gardiner, but with all this outside space it's like we have our own park!

I've learned to lift my leg when I go pee! I now pee on the posts outside that hold the porch up! Mommy wonders what other dog is peeing there because I always sniff it and then lift my leg to try to pee higher!!

We have a loooottttttttt of snow here in Maine, it's been a pretty wruff winter! It was really cold and windy for a little while....

During one of the snow and ice storms, we lost powers! It got really cold in here, we didn't have lectricity and the heat turned off. Daddy and Mommy were really smart and got us a genrater so we could have some heat and night time. When we got heat back, Daddy did something funny. He got down on his knee like he was gunna play with me, but instead he gave mommy this round thing and she cried and cried. She calls it a gagement ring. Do you doggies know what that means??

Tomorrow Mommy is bringing me to Dr. Bennington...she and Dad say I'm going to spend the night and get my micro chip and be neutered...what does that mean every dog??

Ohhh and for the most exciting news of all........Mommy and Daddy are getting a new doggie! They are rescuing a doggie named Jack Jack.

He is like my bestest friend Chloe because he is part dachshund, but he is part pomeranian too (Mommy says poms look kind like us Eskies, but different too). I am so excited to have a friend!! Mommy says Jack looks like the doggie she used to have, Jasmine. Jas was a dachshund beagle mix that she and her mommy (my grammie) adopted from a lady. We're picking Jack up on Saturday before Easter! We're going to have so much funnn!!

Yesterday I got grooms. I look so handsome and I smell a lot better! Mommy will post pictures of me later. Right now she is working on knitting a baby blanket.

Oh yeah, our friends Desi and Rodie had a baby, her name is baby Lucy! She is a hueman baby, but she is really cute! We're going to Desi and Rodie's house for Easter and we will give baby Lucy her blanket and introduce her to Jack Jack and Mommy says the huemans are going to eat hams! Mmmmmmmmm........

Friday, February 8, 2008

Thank you!

Hello every dog,
It's me Sidka!
I've been gone for a little while, I know. My momma and Dad are really busy moving and going to school and going to the human place called work.
We're living in a new house! It used to be grammie's house. Now she is holding her doggie Jasmine and my best friend Chloe up in heaven. I've got a lot more room to run and do zoomies! And I get to play outside a lot more! Guess what? Today is Friday and it's been snowing here since Tuesday! It's still snowing right now! I love the snow!
I want to thank everyone for the nice words and out pouring of thoughts. I didn't know I was going to be in the DWB news! How do I find it?
Mom and I just went to check up on our blog after stumbling across it in a google search and we saw we had 18 comments! Wow we said!
In our new home, we're with two kitties! My sister Ginny and my other sister Pooka! They're not getting along...but I like them both!
Thanks everyone! I love you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Update on Chloe
They had to have her put down, it was around 11AM.
Those poems/quotes would be wonderful right now...

ohhh...not so happy

It's a not so happy new year...
This is Sid's mum again...bad news, again.
I just wanted to tell everydog that Sid's best friend Chloe Lynn is being put down today. She's a mini dachshund. She fell down the stairs with the ice and broke 3 of her legs...we haven't gotten an update since about 9AM.
Can anyone send me the words to those bridge and rainbow poems? I don't have the motivation to look them up online right now...