Sunday, August 19, 2007


Hi everyone! I just wanted you guys to know that Mommy started this NILIF (as per your advice every doggies!) thing and I think it's working! We just started 3 days ago, but she swears she sees big improvements! Now she just needs to get Daddy to be consistent and use NILIF advice too!

On another similar note... potty behaviors have magically been "cured" again. I don't go inside the house anymore. Mommy wonders if I will again! She said she's going to call the V-E-T...what's that?!
Is that where I get the good freeze dried liver treats?!?!?!!
I loooovvveee those! Mommy won't buy them for me though, she says it's a special treat for when I go to the V-E-T to see Dr. Bennington...I hope we go soon!!

PS Mommy added all those links because she's afraid I'm boring you because I don't have any pictures...i know, I know, we need a new cord..........

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tag I'm It!!!

Casper tagged me so I have to answer these questions! Yay, here I go!!

Things I Like!

1. Where is your favorite place to sleep?

My old crate, even though it's kinda cramped in there, it makes me feel safe!!

2. Is there any specific trick your human makes you do to get treats?

Well....sometimes I get sit and Sid mixed up and sometimes I get Shake and Speak mixed up...but most of the time my trick is Sit and Stand Handsome and then I get a wysong biscuit or a cookie!!

3. If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all what would you do and with whom?

I think I'd like to just lay on the couch and watch TV with Daddy and Mommy and then go to the park with them and then go buy more toys and treats at petco with them!!

4. What is your favorite toy?

My newest favorite toy is the football mommy got me, it rattles and it has ropes on both sides! Yay! But I also love my squeaky moo moo and my rawhides.

5. If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?

That Ginny liked me more and we got a long better and that Mommy and Daddy didn't have to work and that I get to taste people food. That's all, it's not too much to ask for, is it?!

I tag Zach, Hana and Maggie & Mitch to answer these questions! if you have answered them already, than that's ok too!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Mommy doesn't like not seeing pictures on my bloggie, so she sorted through some old ones on her puter and found some for me to add here. There not reallll old, just from before I chewed through that cord (she's never gonna let me forget that!!).

So here's a picture of me and Daddy. We were so tired! Daddy was bringing me to my crate so I could take a long nappy!

I got a hold of one of Mommy and Daddy's drinking things...nothing was in it...

or was there?

Now here's me and one of my marrow bones!! Can't you see how happy I am!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

new box...

Yesterday Mommy and I went for a walk. She took me because I think she felt bad for leaving me home alone all those days while her and Daddy work. But she told me they need to work to be able to buy my food and flea stuff and I guess I'm glad they work...
After we played in the park we went to PETCO! We got some new treats and cookies and then mommy went to the way back of the store and she looked at wire things while I looked at squeaky toys. I don't know why, but she had this guy bring this BIG box out to the truck and she bought me a football squeaky! When we got home Mommy set up this wire thing from the big box and she put my football in there! What?! Why does my football toy need a cage Mommy??? I just kept asking her that. Then she put my rawhide in there too and my blankie. What is going on Mommy??

Then after all that we went to bed. And in the morning when Mommy took a shower she put me in that Kennel!! But, I think I like it, it's bigger than my other one and I get more room to stretch and move around.

Hopefully Mommy gets a replacement cord soon...and I won't chew on it this time! What's a blog without pictures!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone,
This is Sidka's Mommy here...

We're having trouble with Sid...and we're looking for advice from other Mini Eskie or Eskie owners. We've had Sid since 71/2 weeks and he just turned 6 months old.

He's still not completely potty trained--he pees whenever he likes, wherever he likes and he doesn't even ask to go outside anymore! We moved to a new apartment July first and within the first two weeks he was asking to go outside on a regular basis and he wasn't making any mistakes! We were so happy and we praised him constantly for asking to go outside and relieving himself outside. But now he doesn't ask anymore and even when we take him out, he comes back in and goes pee on the floor! We take him out when we're home every 1.5 hours and when he's in his crate he does not relieve himself. Once we do get back we take him straight outside and he'll go to the bathroom, but then when back inside for a bit, he goes again!

Potty training isn't the only problem. Sidka bites Mommy and it hurts! He jumps and tries to play, but he only bites mommy, why is this?

Also, is it normal for Sidka to be so hyper?

Thanks for your help...we appreciate any advice!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

new collar!

Mommy got me a new collar! Yay!! See, it's a long story.....

one time when I was at Chloe's we were outside and I was on her metal leash (because I chewed through the regular one...woops) and I just so excited about something I ran and my collar stayed with the leash, but I didn't. So Mommy had to borrow a collar from Chloe that she doesn't use because she wears a harness (I chewed through one of those too...what can I saw?). It was a pink and purple collar-yuck! I hated it!! But mommy got me a new one of my very own! It's red and white and blue and it has American flags on it and it says USA.

It looks kind of like this, except with letters.

Mommy would upload a picture of me wearing the collar...but umm...I chewed through her cord that links the computer to her camera. umm...ANYWAY...

My collar is pretty and I'm so happy!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Celebrity Look Alikes!

Thanks Hana!


I tag: Zach, Maggie and Mitch, Hana and Lorenza!

In our house on the first day of every month someone has to say Rabbit Rabbit, the first person who does gets a kiss from the person (or pup) he or she said it to.

This morning mommy got two kisses! One from Daddy and one from me! She's a smart mommy! But now that I've tagged Zach, Maggie, Hana and Lorenza, they have to tag more people with Rabbit Rabbit!!

Happy First Day of August!