Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hi All

Hi Everydog,
this is Sidka's mom.
Sidka's grammie (my mother) passed away Dec. 18th, so I don't know when Sidka will be back to blog. We're all having a hard time with it right now.
Thanks to those of you who sent Christmas wishes, I hope yours were wonderful and have a happy new year.

Monday, December 3, 2007


It's a snow day!! Mommy doesn't have to teach, but daddy has to work. Mommy brought me outside and we played in the snow! It was so much fun! Then the neighbor came to visit and she petted me and I didn't jump on her at all! It was so much fun! My paws are a little wet (mommy made sure I had no snow stuck to them) but it's not bad. When we got back inside I got a nylabone and now I'm staying warm beside Mommy! I think I like the snow!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Mum and Dad took me to the new petsmart. It was greeeaaattt! We met this lady--and she gave me treats. She hooked a leash to me...I didn't mind, but then she went and got this harness thing and put that on me too! Then mum and dad walked me around the store so I could see all the smells and when I tried to jump on a little girl, Mumma stepped on that new leash! I popped back down and I could only sit. What the heck was that about?! But then Mumma and daddy bought some treats, that harness thing and the leash and we went home. But guess what...I showed them and I chewed through the harness thing! Hahahaha...but then mom and dad got a new one--and they sprayed it with this yucky stuff!. Ugh.

*Note from Sid's Mum: We brought him for a behavior evaluation at Petsmart and we got a lot of good advice! It's working so far!