Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ugh. Girls

I'm not sure about this whole girl thing.
All of a sudden, there's all kindsa pinks. All kindsa purples.
And dare I say...flo.....flo....fl...fl...flowe....ers. Gulp......

I mean....BARFFFF!!

The reds and dark blues, not so bad, I can deal with that. Plus, you know what that pattern done below reminds mom and me of? The good ol' USA and you know what the A stands for in USA? AMERICA! And you know what I am???? I'm an AMERICAN ESKIE!!!!!!!!

The blacks and whites, I lovvveesss those! Especially in a checkered flag pattern!!

So what's with all this new fabrics anyway moms? Are you making stuffs?????

1 comment:

JackPDB said...

Something sneaky is afoot, for sure... but you've got some stylish new bandannas in the deal, so no complaints, right?
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